Download pictures and videos from any post or all posts of any selected artist on website - public archiver for Patreon, Pixiv Fanbox, Gumroad, SubscribeStar, DLsite, Discord, Fantia, Boosty, Afdian. Also known as This template turns Extreme Picture Finder into the best downloader! Simply install this template and create a project with an artist URL which looks like this:

and let Extreme Picture Finder do the rest! It will download all photos and videos automatically and save content from different posts into separate sub-folders! Which is also useful if you create a project with several post URLs (one post URL per line) which look like this:

You do not need to worry about sorting the downloaded content if your project has more than one post URL - everything will be sorted out into separate sub-folders out automatically! Now, isn't it the best downloader ever?!

Target files:
*.jp*, *.gif, *.mp4, *.avi, *.mov, *.zip, *.m4v, *.mp3, *.rar, *.7z, *.pn*, *.webp, *.bin

EPF version required:
3.60 or newer

Template version:

video, pictures, adult

How to use:
1. Download and install the most recent version of Extreme Picture Finder.
2. Download this template using the above button.
3. Double-click the downloaded file to open it with Extreme Picture Finder.
4. Create new project in Extreme Picture Finder, paste your starting URL, select this template and start downloading files.

Click here for the detailed tutorial

If you are updating a template (installing a newer template version) - you have to create new projects to use settings from the new template version. Existing projects will not use settings from the new template version - only new projects will.
Latest version: 3.65.16
File size: 91 MB
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