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Download all photos and/or videos of any selected celebrity, tag or search result from website - huge celebrity fakes portal. Celebrity photo URL which works with this template looks like this:

And celebrity videos URL looks like this:

Some celebrity videos require valid user name/password for this website, so if you have an account - please check [ Manual login ] box after you paste a celebrity video URL and then enter your login/password in the built-in browser.

Supported addresses also include tag URLs:

You can find the list of all available tags using website menu item [ TAGS ] located at the top of every website page.

Plus, you can download all photos that come out as search results with URLs like this:

This templates turns Extreme Picture Finder into the best downloader ever!

Target files:
*.jp*, *.gif, *.mp4, *.pn*

EPF version required:
3.50 or newer

Template version:

celebrity, pictures, adult

How to use:
1. Download and install the most recent version of Extreme Picture Finder.
2. Download this template using the above button.
3. Double-click the downloaded file to open it with Extreme Picture Finder.
4. Create new project in Extreme Picture Finder, paste your starting URL, select this template and start downloading files.

Click here for the detailed tutorial

Latest version: 3.62
File size: 73 MB
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