Extreme Picture Finder version history

  • Fixed a problem with file size limits not working as they should
  • Improved Custom Parsers
  • Fixed OpenClipart.org search
  • Naver.com added to the list of available search engines
  • Page parsing algorithm improved
  • Several minor problems fixed
  • Added DuckDuckGo.com to the list of search engines
  • Log viewer is now more informative - it shows exactly why URLs are being skipped or filtered
  • Removed Ask.com - it does not provide image search results anymore
  • Information about redirects is now shown in the download log (including the target redirect address)
  • Fixed [ Out of memory ] problem for big files and searches with multiply queries
  • Fixed a problem with file deletion while built-in picture viewer is in the slideshow mode
  • Several smaller issues fixed
  • Fixed several problems which prevented downloaded files from being saved
  • Fixed a bug with "Not a target file" filter being applied too often to wrong files
  • Huge performance upgrade for page parsing, Custom Parsers and all Regular Expressions in program in general
  • New feature allowing to use Regular Expressions in the Template Editor to automatically generate additional Starting URLs in projects created from templates. Useful for forums (you can auto-generate starting URLs for all thread pages), custom searches on search engines (create URLs adding /page-2, /page-3) and so on
  • Project templates: store project settings for various websites in templates and re-use them automatically for new projects
  • Online project templates database - download and install project templates from the online library. Share your templates with other EPF users anonymously
  • Google search fixed
  • A lot of smaller improvements and fixes
  • Another improvement of SSL support for HTTPS addresses
  • # character in URLs isn't ignored now
  • Several iterators in Custom Parsers
  • Improved HTTPS support
  • Option allowing to accept or ignore cookies
  • Page processing speed optimization
  • Imgur.com search fixed
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Parsers
  • Imgur.com search engine now supported
  • Animated GIF support in the image preview and in the image viewer
  • Fixed a bug with "delete" function in the built-in image viewer
  • Bing.com search fixed
  • Fixed a bug that caused endless URL loops in some searches
  • Custom number of digits in the [ Save - Conflicts ] rename option
  • Program start-up time increased (when a project with big number of folders is selected)
  • Fixed a small issue in the download module
  • OpenClipart.org search engine download fixed
  • Fixed a bug in custom file naming. Now using "Parent page title for file name" actually works
  • New search engine supported now: OpenClipart.com
  • New section in the download project properties: [Sub-folders] with options for different ways of creating sub-folders inside the main Destination folder
  • New section in the download project properties: [Excluded page parts] which allows to skip certain parts of the web pages making it possible to speed-up the overall website processing time and skip unwanted downloads
  • [Custom parsers] updated. Now users can generate several URLs from a single Regular Expression match using loops
  • [New Project Wizard] now accepts as many [Starting addresses (URLs)] as required, not only one
Latest version:
File size: 3.7 MB
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