Download videos from and automatically is a cool place to watch video memes, spend some time laughing and have a good time. Thousands of authors create and share thousands of videos on this website daily and you will never get bored here. But what if you liked a video so much that wanted to save it to your PC to share it with your friends or just add it to your collection and have another look at it later?

Well, this is pretty easy as you can simply right-click that video and select Save video as... in any modern browser. This will open a window where you can choose a folder and a file name to save video file.

Manually save videos one by one from browser

Another option would be to use one of the browser-based online and downloaders. Usually it's just a page or a website where you can paste a video page URL, and click Go button just to get redirected to the next page where you can finally right-click a direct video link which you can actually save (while dealing with annoying pop-up and pop-under ads). You can Google for online Gfycat and Redgifs downloader and get a bunch of such websites. But why would you even bother if you can save any stand-alone video directly from the video page by simply right-clicking it without leaving the original website? downloader online

But what if you wanted to download all videos from any Gfycat or Redgifs author or search results automatically, without having to click through each and every video page, right-clicking, selecting folder and file name over and over again? This is where Extreme Picture Finder comes into play! Once the program is installed and properly configured all you have to do is just paste Gfycat or Regifs author or search results URL and click Start button to have all videos saved as mp4 files to any folder of your choice automatically without any further interactions!

Gfycat and RedGifs batch video downloader

How to download all Gfycat videos from any author

1. First of all, you will need to download and install the most recent version of Extreme Picture Finder to your Windows PC. Just click the button below, run the downloaded file and follow several simple steps to get the software installed. It will take you less than a minute.

2. Once the software is installed you need to configure it for automatic video downloads. Luckily it is as easy as clicking your mouse button several times. Simply click the button below to save the configuration template for videos, then double-click the downloaded file.

This will add the template to Extreme Picture Finder, open the program and the template library window in it, showing the new template:

Configure Extreme Picture Finder as batch downloader

And that is all the configuration you need to do. From now on you can download Gfycat videos from any author in batch mode.

3. Click Create new project to download all videos button in the top-left corner of the main program window or use menu item Project - New project... to open Create New Project window.

Create new project to batch download or videos

Here you can paste your Gfycat author URL into the Starting address(es) field. Usually Gfycat author URLs look like this:

Download all videos from any author

4. Basically, this is it and you can click Finish button now to start downloading Gfycat videos and saving them as mp4 files in batch mode. Or you can click Next > button several times to select a folder for the saved files and give your project a custom title if you do not want to use the default values.

How to download Gfycat search results

Saving video search results is just as easy as saving all videos from Gfycat author. You just need to add another configuration template to the program using the button below.

Then follow these simple steps:

1. Enter your search keyword or phrase in the search field and click Search button to view search results in browser.

Download search results

2. Copy the search URL from browser to Windows clipboard. Search URLs on look like this:

Copy search URL to download all videos

3. Open Extreme Picture Finder, click New project to download all search results button and the paste search URL into the Starting address(es) field.

Download all videos from search results

4. Click Finish button to download all Gfycat search results and save them as mp4 files automatically in batch mode.

How to download Redgifs videos

Downloading videos from website in batch mode with Extreme Picture Finder can save you a lot of time! Of course, you can still download videos one-by-one opening every video page in browser, right-clicking the video and selecting Save video as... in the pop-up menu, but if you want all videos from any category, user or search results, then you really need to automate the process and Extreme Picture Finder is just the right tool for it!

It all works just like with website, you just need different configuration templates. Here is the template to download all videos from any user: user URLs look like this:

And here is the template which will help you to batch download all videos from any category or search results.

Category and search URLs on website are basically the same and look like this:

Another important thing to mention is that Extreme Picture Finder can also download stand-alone videos using video page URLs from both Gfycat and Redgifs website, but you can create project with hundreds or even thousands video page URLs in one project and the program will process all the URLs automatically saving mp4 video files in batch mode without any additional clicking!

Download videos from video page URL list

Just make sure you do not mix both and video page URLs in one project. Different websites - different projects.

Need help with your downloads?

If you will have problems downloading videos from any part of Gfycat or Redgifs website - please do not hesitate to email us at with the exact URL you cannot download videos from. We are always here to help you.

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