Extreme Picture Finder version history

  • Using image size limits does not prevent you from saving videos and other types of files anymore.
  • The logic for "Current directory and deeper" exploration method improved. It works better for addresses that do not end with slash or file name, like this: https://www.site.com/some-folder
  • Naver.com built-in search fixed
  • Download log viewer window is more responsive now and works way faster
  • Decoding attribute values which are used for file and folder names correctly
  • Fixed a problem with folder names created from page titles
  • Fixed several other smaller bugs
  • URL depth is now shown both in the download log and in the download monitor at the bottom of the main program window
  • Built-in browser window now shows addresses of JSON requests that were completed during the page load process and allows to add selected addresses to the download queue. Also, you can view all link and image addresses available on currently shown page and select which of them you want to be added to the download queue. This is done to help with the JavaScript-driven websites where necessary addresses cannot be found in the page text.
  • Important improvement of the page parsing algorithm
  • Fixed a bug in the built-in browser
  • New Chromium-based built-in browser. Works only on Windows 7 and newer. If you are on XP or Vista - built-in Internet Explorer is still there for you.
  • Several small bugs fixed
  • Custom Parsers engine improved
  • Another improvement of page parsing algorithm: tag attributes are parsed more effectively now and more attribute values can be used to create file names now
  • New options in the [ Save / Naming ] section of the project properties which allow to remove any number of characters from the beginning or the end of the generated file name
  • Changed the way current date and time used to generate file names. New format is: YEAR-MON-DAY HOUR-MIN-SEC-MILSEC.ORIGINAL_EXT
  • Page parsing algorithm improved to support several specific JavaScript-driven websites
  • Custom Parsers Engine improved
  • Added new options to the [ Save / Sub-folders ] section of the project properties. They are applied after the sub-folder name was generated using one of the existing methods to provide additional flexibility
  • Fixed a bug in HTTP protocol implementation
  • DuckDuckGo.com added to the list of available search engines in the built-in image search
  • SSL and HTTP POST requests support improved
  • Fixed a problem with the built-in search when it couldn't save file with names longer than allowed by Windows
  • Fixed several bugs in the Custom Parsers engine
  • Added the ability to set HTTP request type POST to URLs generated with Custom Parsers and set any POST data you want for that request using Regular Expression matches. Finally Extreme Picture Finder can send POST requests!
  • Added the ability to modify HTTP Referer field for URLs generated with Custom Parsers.
  • Brand-new Regular Expression Tester window with test results shown as a tree for each Regular Expression in the list with the ability to select any result in the tree and view the detailed information about every regular Expression match.
  • Fixed a bug in the new option that allows to re-download parent URL
  • New window for Excluded Page Parts testing improved
  • Several smaller fixes and improvements
  • New window for Excluded Page Parts testing which allows to see the number of excluded page parts removed by selected Regular Expression and the text of any excluded page part
  • New option in the download project properties allowing to re-download previously downloaded URL if there was a redirect to this URL from a child URL
  • SSL protocol support improved
  • Fixed all procedures that require a connection to the official program website: update check, template share, template version check and so on
  • Google.com search fixed
  • Imgur.com search fixed
  • Added HexToDec function to Custom Parsers to convert hexadecimal numbers to decimal form
  • SOCKS proxy support improved
  • Fixed a bug in Excluded Page Parts
Latest version: 3.53.3
File size: 59.6 MB
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