Extreme Picture Finder version history

  • [ Manual login ] window upgraded - link addresses received from the built-in browser are now processed just like the rest of the URLs before they are added to the download queue
  • Another improvement of SSL v3 support
  • Page parsing algorithm improved to find more links on default settings.
  • Custom Parsers updated - added [#DecToHex(NUM)#] function to convert decimal number to hexadecimal. Usable both in Expression and Result parts of a parser.
  • Updated "Excluded Page Parts" algorithm: now part of page text is ignored completely only if both [ From ] and [ To ] expressions matched completely.
  • New option in download project properties allowing to override default simultaneous connections number when the project is started.
  • [ Target Files ] step is now shown in the [ New Project Wizard ] window allowing users to select files they want to download even when the template was selected. This one is especially useful with generic templates.
  • Ctrl+A now select all text in all multi-line text fields, like Starting Addresses or Excluded URLs.
  • Fixed a bug in the file naming. Now numerical file names are generated correctly for all file types and start with user-specified number
  • Parsing even more file names from Content-Desposition HTTP response header
  • Added *.webm to the Video section of Target files list of the [New Project Wizard] window
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • SSL v3 support improved
  • Using *.pn* by default now in the Target files to download both PNG and PNJ images
  • Added support for UTF-8 file names in the Content-Type HTTP header
  • Page parsing algorithm improved - fewer incorrect links are taken into account now which means faster downloads
  • Displaying a warning when user is trying to create a project with a downloaded template and the template requires newer version of the program
  • Fixed a bug in file size detection
  • Smaller fixes and improvements
  • New option in project settings allowing to use page title to create sub-folders
  • Built-in browser used for [Manual login] now uses Proxy from the program settings
  • Page parsing algorithm improved
  • Internet connection errors are treated differently now and download stops completely not as often as it used to
  • Custom Parsers engine got another upgrade. Matched text from Regular Expressions can be used in the [Expression] part of subsequent Regular Expressions in the following form: [#3:1]. It means users can now create new Regular Expression based on the result of previous Regular Expressions in the list. Before this version such cross-expression substitutions could be used only in the [Result] part of subsequent expressions.
  • New option in the [Conflicts] section of project and search settings which allows to rename files using Windows-style - adding space and a number in brackets
  • Resuming a category now resumes first unfinished project in the category (not just a first project) and then moves on to the next one
  • [Manual login] function can now be used to grab links that are generated by JavaScript once the page is loaded - links that are absent in the page text originally
  • Space character is not truncated from [Suffix], [Prefix] and other fields in project settings
  • Image source pages are not downloaded anymore if search mode does not include [Related images] - searches are completed way faster now
  • Naver.com search fixed
  • Fixed a bug with template folders - choosing a folder for a template now actually works
  • Minor bugs were fixed
  • Fixed a bug with a colon in URL becoming a part of file name
  • Fixed a bug with file overwrites
  • Automatic check for new versions of templates downloaded from the online database
  • Warning shown when user is trying to create new project from outdated template
  • [Manual login] option is now copied from templates to projects, so users won't have to check this option manually every time
  • Critical start-up bug fixed
  • Google.com search fixed
  • New feature in Custom Parsers - ability to use matches from different Regular Expressions in the [Result] text. For example [#2:3] will be substituted with the 3rd group match of the 2nd Regular Expression
  • [Generate] and [Import] buttons on the first step of the [New Project Wizard] to generate or import URL list
  • Template version (for downloaded templates) is now shown in the [New Project Wizard] window and in the [Template browser] window
  • URL Monitor window re-worked to get rid of flickering and prevent it from becoming blank during download
  • Other minor fixes and improvements
  • Brand new projects tree with both custom projects and searches in one place
  • Searches can now be stored in categories, just like projects
  • Run all projects or searches in a selected category automatically, one after another - just select a category on a projects tree and click Start (only for registered users)
  • Search projects can have custom titles now
  • Built-in projects database moved to the Extreme Picture Finder website. More projects and a search option are coming soon
  • An option to include only existing images when exporting search results to a file
  • Improved downloading of big files (works great with video files now)
  • Next file automatically selected after current file is deleted in the file list
  • SSL v3 support
  • Built-in browser used for manual login now uses User Agent string from program settings which increases chance of successful download
  • Internal bug report system updated - reports are uploaded directly to server now
  • New section in program settings: [ Confirmations ]. It allows to choose which interface actions require confirmation (like delete file or folder)
  • If Target file is located not on the same domain as Starting URL and [ Reproduce folder structure of a website ] is selected in the [ Save - Sub-folders ] section of the project settings, then a folder with the name of a Target file domain is also created. It helps a lot in creating filters and clarifies the folder structure of the project.
  • Now 0-bytes files are also saved without error.
  • Several bugs with new Expert features in file naming were fixed. Also they are now properly copied from the templates to projects.
  • Default Custom Parsers updated to find even more URLs
  • Window positioning improved: all program windows now displayed correctly when number of monitors changes
Latest version: 3.62.2
File size: 75 MB
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