Extreme Picture Finder version history

  • When re-downloading from a website using existing project, and [ Save - Conflicts ] option is set to [ Do not save new file ] - new file is not downloaded if file size is the same.
  • By default [ Preserve folder structure of the site ] option is now turned off for new TGP projects.
  • Minor fixes
  • Page parsing algorithm was improved. Now Extreme Picture Finder finds more links in the plain text of the pages.
  • Altavista.com search was fixed.
  • Added new option that allows to name saved files using the file name of the page where the file was found.
Version 3.8.0
  • 2 new search engines were added to the built-in web picture search: Altavista.com, PicSearch.com
  • Added a possibility to use query string parameter (or entire query string) to name downloaded files
  • Fixed download from HTTPS addresses
  • Fixed several issued with password-protected sites
  • Built-in image search updated
  • Improved web page parsing
  • Several fixes of built-in Internet image search
  • Improved support for manual login into password protected sites
  • Fixed a small bug in built-in image viewer
  • Support for Socks 4 and Socks 5 proxy
  • Ability to save Flash movies (SWF and FLV files)
  • Built-in image viewer now supports more file formats, including some RAW images
  • New Project Wizard was improved to let users select specific file types by checking corresponding boxes
  • Several small improvements and bugfixes.
  • Small improvement of the online project database explorer.
  • Fixed a bug with password-protected sites download. Now email address can be used as a user name.
  • Built-in picture viewer was fixed. All thumbnails are shown now even if there are 1000+ images in the folder
  • CSS files are parsed now to extract all image links
  • Several small bugs were fixed
  • HTTPS support
  • Number of saved target files displayed next to the project title
  • HTML page parsing algorithm improved
  • Users can hide any unwanted category in the online project database explorer
  • Extreme Picture Finder was integrated with Extreme Thumbnail Generator to let users create beautiful online image galleries using downloaded pictures with just a couple of mouse clicks.
  • We added a new feature that allows to specify whether to send 'Referer' with every HTTP request or not (turning it off helps for some password-protected sites).
  • Built-in Google image search was fixed.
  • We improved HTML page parsing in this version. Now more links are extracted from the page even if the page has errors in the HTML code.
  • The default Internet browser is now opened correctly
  • Fixed the problem with unwanted video files downloading while downloading images from Regular or TGP site.
  • Fixed the problem with Ask.com image search.
  • The Alt key fix for Windows Vista. It doesn't hide the buttons anymore.
Latest version: 3.66.6
File size: 93.1 MB
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