Extreme Picture Finder version history

  • Bing.com search fixed
  • [ Update ] function for download projects does not re-download files deleted by user anymore
  • HTML "script" tags are being parsed now allowing users to save ".js" or any other script files
  • Algorithm for "Exploration depth limit" was improved. Now it will download every link within the specified depth and save target files from the specified depth plus one.
  • Added Yahoo.com to the list of the available built-in search engines. And removed Altavista.com and AllTheWeb.com - they were using Yahoo search results.
  • The [ Update ] function for Searches does not re-download pictures that were deleted by user anymore. Now it tries to get only new results for the given search keyword.
  • Added Bing.com to the list of the available built-in search engines
  • Fixed the full-size image download for Altavista.com search engine
  • Fixed the image search function for Ask.com search engine
  • Fixed the "freezing" issue which appeared mostly during web image search
  • Improved the website downloader module - it works more efficient now when user chooses to download "from current page only"
  • Several improvements of the built-in web image search
  • Fixed a serious problem with page parsing for certain websites.
  • Major improvement: Extreme Picture Finder will now respond to user actions all the time, even when parsing a huge web page.
  • Another small improvement of web page parsing algorithm
Version 3.10.0
  • Move project to any category with a single mouse click
  • Minor fix of the built-in web image search
  • When project is updated, only starting addresses that are currently in the list are updated. This is especially useful for projects with many starting addresses, when you want to update only some of them.
  • Built-in Google image search function was fixed
  • When re-downloading from a website using existing project, and [ Save - Conflicts ] option is set to [ Do not save new file ] - new file is not downloaded if file size is the same.
  • By default [ Preserve folder structure of the site ] option is now turned off for new TGP projects.
  • Minor fixes
  • Page parsing algorithm was improved. Now Extreme Picture Finder finds more links in the plain text of the pages.
  • Altavista.com search was fixed.
  • Added new option that allows to name saved files using the file name of the page where the file was found.
Version 3.8.0
  • 2 new search engines were added to the built-in web picture search: Altavista.com, PicSearch.com
  • Added a possibility to use query string parameter (or entire query string) to name downloaded files
  • Fixed download from HTTPS addresses
  • Fixed several issued with password-protected sites
  • Built-in image search updated
  • Improved web page parsing
  • Several fixes of built-in Internet image search
  • Improved support for manual login into password protected sites
  • Fixed a small bug in built-in image viewer
  • Support for Socks 4 and Socks 5 proxy
  • Ability to save Flash movies (SWF and FLV files)
  • Built-in image viewer now supports more file formats, including some RAW images
  • New Project Wizard was improved to let users select specific file types by checking corresponding boxes
  • Several small improvements and bugfixes.
  • Small improvement of the online project database explorer.
  • Fixed a bug with password-protected sites download. Now email address can be used as a user name.
Latest version: 3.63.2
File size: 83.2 MB
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