Extreme Picture Finder tutorials

Welcome to the Extreme Picture Finder tutorials. These short articles will help you to understand and effectively use the best image downloader in various situations - download files from websites or searching the web for images with keywords. Some tutorials include videos from the official Extreme Picture Finder YouTube channel.

Download all images from website

The basics. This tutorial shows the easiest way to start downloading images from a website.

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Download Google images search results

This tutorial shows how to download image search results from Google, Bing and some other search engines using keywords.

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How to install and use Extreme Picture Finder templates

This tutorial contains detailed instructions on how to use templates from the online templates library.

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Imagefap downloader

Learn how to download all full-size images from any imagefap.com gallery or all galleries from entire imagefap niche.

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Download imgsrc.ru albums

Download all full-size images from any imgsrc.ru album or all albums from any author automatically with Extreme Picture Finder.

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Download imgur galleries

Download all images from imgur.com gallery - quick tutorial. Follow these simple steps to make Extreme Picture Finder download all full-size images from imgur galleries.

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Hclips.com downloader

Download videos automatically from categories, channels, memebers and search results on hclips.com website. As well as photo albums.

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Download xhamster.com photos and videos

Read about all the different ways you can use Extreme Picture Finder with xhamster.com website - download stand-alone photo galleries and videos, mass download entire categories, all galleries from any user and much more.

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Download redtube.com videos

Download all videos from any redtube.com category or channel automatically, just as easily as downloading single video. See all Redtube download options in this tutorial.

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Hentai downloader

This tutorial shows how to turn Extreme Picture Finder into the best hentai downloader. See how the program can help download tons of hentai images and video as well some tips on using the templates library.

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Download images from URL list

Download and save all images or any other files from a list of URLs (also known as "fusker links") - quick and easy tutorial.

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Automatic Redgifs.com video downloader

Learn how to batch download all videos of any author, category or search results automatically from RedGifs.com website without clicking through every video page.

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TGP downloader

Download all galleries from TGP website easily. Learn how to set up Extreme Picture Finder to download from TGP and how to speed up the download process.

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Schedule automatic downloads with Windows Task scheduler

This one is for advanced users. Shows how to set up regular automatic downloads with Extreme Picture Finder using Windows Task Scheduler.

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Still need help?

If you have any questions about Extreme Picture Finder - please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Simply write at support@exisoftware.com or use this contact form and we will help. And if you want another tutorial here - just name the topic and we will add it ASAP.

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