How to download images from URL lists

with Extreme Picture Finder - best fusker links downloader

Downloading images or any other files from lists of URLs (fusker links) with Extreme Picture Finder is very easy - you can do it with just a few mouse clicks. And it doesn't matter if your URLs are pointing directly to the files you need or to the web pages where those files can be found - software will crawl all URLs automatically and save all the files you want to your PC. Take a look!

So, first of all you need to download and install Extreme Picture Finder. Click the button below to download the installation package and run the downloaded file.

Now start the program and click menu item Project - New project... or the New project to download URL list button below the main menu. You will see the New Project Wizard window shown below.

Download URL list

You can now simply paste your URL list into the Starting addresses field. Just make sure each URL occupies a single line in this field. If your URL list is in the file - click Import... button, select your file and all links from the file will be copied into this field. Click Next > button now. Leave the Configure project settings manually box checked and click Next > button again.

Now choose what files Extreme Picture Finder must download from your URL list. You can use the boxes to select desired file types or type file masks into the field manually. For example, if you want MP3 files - types *.mp3 (which means any file with mp3 extension). Click Next > button.

Download files from URL list

On this step you can choose how Extreme Picture Finder should crawl each URL from your list. In most cases choosing Current page only option is enough, even if your URLs do not point directly to the files you want to download. So choose this option and click Finish button to start downloading. But if you want to choose a folder where Extreme Picture Finder should save the files, give your project a meaningful title or import URLs - click Next > button several times to get to the last step of the New Project Wizard.

Need help using URL list downloader?

We will be glad to help you download your URL lists with Extreme Picture Finder. You can contact us directly via email at or use this contact form if you prefer. Also you can browse through Extreme Picture Finder forum to find a lot of questions answered.

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