How to download redgifs videos, photos and GIFs is an endless source of videos, photos, and animations created and uploaded by thousands of members daily. You will never get bored here! But what if you want to download and save some of those videos to enjoy them later? This tutorial will show you how to:

How to save a video manually from your browser

The easiest way to download and save a video from is by right-clicking a video and selecting Save video as... in a desktop browser. This opens a window where you can choose a folder and a name for the saved video file.

Manually save videos one by one from browser

Clean and easy. Works for only one video at a time and requires several mouse clicks for every video.

Some browsers may not allow right-clicking on a video or the website may block the right-click. In this case, you could use one of the online third-party video download services. Just Google for redgifs video downloader and you will get a bunch of them. Usually, it's just a page or a website where you can paste a video page address, click Go button just to get redirected to another page where you can finally right-click a direct video link and save the video (while dealing with annoying pop-up and pop-under ads)... This option also works only for one video at a time and requires even more mouse-clicking for every video.

Both of the above methods are good if you want just a couple of videos. But what if you want a dozen? Or a hundred? Or all videos from a member you like? You would need a tool to automate that process. A software that could download all the videos from any part of the website automatically. Without clicking your mouse one thousand times and injuring your wrist...

Luckily, there is such a tool! The software is called Extreme Picture Finder and it can completely automate your redgifs video downloads! It can download videos in the background while you continue to enjoy your web browsing or do anything else instead of mouse-clicking. This tutorial will show you how to use this software.

First of all, you need to download and install the most recent version of the software. The process is pretty easy and straightforward. Simply click the button below to download the installation package, run the downloaded file, and follow a few simple installation steps to get Extreme Picture Finder up and running on your PC in a matter of seconds:

Then you will need to configure the software to work with an appropriate part of the website (also just a few mouse clicks) and start mass-downloading videos automatically. video downloader

How to download all redgifs videos from any user

Configuring Extreme Picture Finder to download from some websites can be difficult, but we've got you all covered with the ready-to-use configuration templates. All you have to do to configure the software for is download and install a configuration template that works with a part of the website you want to download media from. Click this button to download the template file and then click the downloaded files to add a template to the software.

You should see this window with the " - user uploads template" in it. This means that Extreme Picture Finder was successfully configured to download all videos uploaded by any user and you can start downloading. You will not need to do it again - once a template is installed you can just download the files you want.

redgifs video downloader

Go back to the website and copy the address of the user page to Windows Clipboard:

Download redgifs videos user page addresses look like this:

Now open Extreme Picture Finder and click the New project button or use the Project - New project... menu item to open the Create New Project window where you can paste the user page address.

Download redgifs videos automatically

Now you can click the Next > button several times to make sure the template is selected and select the folder where downloaded videos will be saved. Or you can just click the Finish button to use all default settings and start the project.

Once the project is started - a built-in browser window will open and navigate to the address that you used to create the project. Now, all you have to do is wait until the page is fully loaded, and you can see the video thumbnails in the built-in browser, and then click the Continue download button to start the actual download process.

redgif video downloader

How to download all videos from a niche

Downloading all videos from any niche is similar to downloading all videos of a selected user. You just need a different configuration template, and here it is:

Once this template is installed you can use niche addresses in the Extreme Picture Finder to get the videos, GIFs, and photos. niche addresses look like this:

Just copy/paste a niche address into the Create New Project window, click the Finish button to open the built-in browser, and wait until you see the video thumbnails before clicking the Continue download button.

How to download a collection

Some users add their videos, photos, and GIFs to collections and Extreme Picture Finder offers you a way to download all media from any collection. You will need this template:

After the template is installed you can copy/paste collection addresses into the Create New Project window to make Extreme Picture Finder download all media from those collections and save them to the folder of your selection on your PC. Collection addresses look like this:

Download videos from search results and tags

If you want to download videos, photos, and GIFs that are shown as search results on - you will need this template:

This template configures Extreme Picture Finder to work with search results (and tag) addresses that look like this:

The download process is the same: you copy/paste the search results address into the Create New Project window, click the Finish button, wait until you see the thumbnails in the built-in browser, and click the Continue download button. Extreme Picture Finder will do the rest.

Need help with your downloads?

If you have problems downloading photos or videos from any part of the website - please do not hesitate to email us at with the exact URL you cannot download media from. We are always here to help you.

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