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Batch download TGP galleries

You can download all galleries from a TGP website easily with Extreme Picture Finder - batch TGP downloader. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions below to get all images and videos downloaded to your hard drive automatically.

So, first of all - download the most recent version of Extreme Picture Finder using the button below.

Then start the program and create a new project using menu item Project - New project... or Create new download TGP project button on the program toolbar. It will open the Create New Project window where you can paste your TGP URL.

Create new TGP downloader project

Then click the Next > button to open the Project settings template page and select Download all pictures and videos from TGP category page template (this one is installed by default).

Select TGP downloader template

Basically this is it. You can now click Finish button and let Extreme Picture Finder download all galleries for you. Or you can click Next > button several times to select a folder where all galleries will be saved, give your project unique title and so on.

One important thing to notice here: you should use URL of the page with direct links to galleries. Some TGP websites offer several categories so the main website page doesn't have the direct gallery links. In this case - select the category of interest and use the category URL instead of main page URL.

How to speed-up the TGP download process

You can increase the TGP download speed drastically by specifying the common part of TGP gallery link URLs in the project properties. So open the TGP page in your browser and hover your mouse over several gallery links to see the actual URL under the link. Usually it is shown at the bottom of the browser window.

Open TGP page in browser

In most cases the common part of gallery URLs on TGP websites looks like one of these:

  • url=
  • u=
  • out.php
  • st/st.php

On the above screenshot the common part of all gallery URLs is st/st.php.

Now get back to Extreme Picture Finder, open the properties of your project using Project - Project properties... menu item or Open TGP downloader project properties button and select the TGP site or page section.

This is where you can type this common part of the gallery URLs in order to make Extreme Picture Finder process only links that contain this text. The program will simply ignore the rest of the links - all advertisement, link exchange and other junk URLs will be skipped to process only galleries as fast as possible.

Download TGP galleries fast

Now click OK button to save the project settings and enjoy your galleries!

Getting help

If you'll have problems download galleries from any TGP website - please write us at with the TGP URLs and we will help with the project settings. Also, please check out the Extreme Picture Finder forum where we answered hundreds of questions already.

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