Download Redtube videos

Download and save multiple videos automatically

Extreme Picture Finder is the best Redtube video downloader software for Windows. All you have to do to save MP4 file in best quality available is to paste video page URL into the program and click Start button once the program is properly configured. Please take a look at this video or continue reading this article under the video.

So, first of all use the button below to download and install the most recent version of the program.

After Extreme Picture Finder is installed it's time to configure the program for Redtube video downloading. Simply click the button below to download the configuration file (also known as a "template") and then run the downloaded file.

It should start Extreme Picture Finder and open its template library where you must see the " - video category template", just like shown on this screenshot.

Configure Redtube downloader

This is the entire configuration required and now you're ready to start downloading those videos.

Download single video

The first and most obvious use is to download and save videos one by one. So, you go to the Redtube website, copy video URL, then start Extreme Picture Finder, click New project button on the main program window or use menu item Project - New project... and paste your video URL into the Starting addresses field of the Create New Project window, like this:

Download single video

That's it. Now you can click Finish button to start downloading. But downloading videos one by one is not where the actual power of Extreme Picture Finder opens up. Let's take a look at other options.

Download videos from URL list

You can speed-up the download process drastically by pasting more than one video URL into the Starting addresses field of the Create New Project window, like this.

Download multiple redtube videos from URL list

Extreme Picture Finder can handle more than 1,000 addresses per project easily! Just make sure one address occupies one line in that field. And the best thing here - you can download up to 30 videos at once by changing the number of simultaneous connections using menu item Tools - Simultaneous connections. You can also import the URL list from a text file into the Create New Project window using the Import... button under the Starting addresses field. The only requirement for the text file is: one URL per line.

You can also click Next button several times here if you want to select the folder where video files will be saved, give your project a meaningful title or put it inside a category on a project tree.

Redtube video downloader

Download Redtube video category

Yep, you got that right! You can download all videos from any category on automatically! The process here is just the same - you create a new project in the program, but this time you paste video category URL in the Starting addresses field. You can find the list of available categories in the main navigation menu of website. Usually category URLs look like this:

Simply click Finish button now and make sure you have enough free disk space available for all those videos!

Download all videos from channel or pornstar

Extreme Picture Finder can work with basically any list of videos on Redtube making it possible to download all videos from your favorite channel or pornstar of your choice. The only general rule here is that the URLs you paste into the Starting addresses field must have direct links to video pages. So, you cannot use an URL with all channels or the one where all categories are listed. Your URLs must point to any specific channel or pornstar page with links to actual video pages.

Getting help

If you'll have problems downloading videos with Extreme Picture Finder - please write us at or use Contact us form on our website. We will be glad to help!

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