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Download videos and photos from hclips.com automatically

Downloading videos from hclips.com may be a daunting task, especially if you need to download a lot of them. Even a single video download is not that straightforward and easy on this website. Many other sites would let you simply right-click the video in your browser, select Save video as... from the pop-up menu and save the video file, but this is not the case with hclips.com.

You could use one of many online video saving services where you can paste a single video page URL, click Download button just to see another page with download options, then click another Download button near video quality you want. But even this may not be enough on some services as they would simply redirect you to the video file and you will still have to right-click it and select Save video as.... Way too many clicks for a single video file save, isn't it?

But there is a better way - automated software for downloading videos and photos from the web called Extreme Picture Finder! And this tutorial will show you how to turn it into the best hclips.com downloader ever. You will be able to download all videos from any category, channel, member and even from search results fully automatically without any clicking at all! And not only videos, but also photo albums!

First of all, you will need to download and install the most recent version of the program. Just click the button below to download the installation package and run it once the download is finished.

After the program is installed you will need to download and install a configuration template that meets your hclips download needs. And that is also as easy as a single mouse click, just choose the one you need from the list below.

Download all videos from channel

Hclips.com offers wide variety of channels, some of them having hundreds and even thousands of videos. You can find the list of channels by clicking the Channels menu item at the top of any hclips.com page. Just imagine being able to save all of those videos automatically, while doing something else! And this is how you can do it.

Step 1. Download and install the hclips.com - channel videos downloader using the button below.

All you need is to click the downloaded file and new template will be added to the Extreme Picture Finder library automatically.

Download hclips channel videos

This is all the preparation you need and now you are ready to save all channel videos from hclips.com automatically.

Step 2. Copy hclips.com channel URL to the clipboard. You can open the hclips.com channels list in your browser, right-click the channel you want and select Copy link address from the pop-up menu.

hclips video download

Step 3. Open Extreme Picture Finder and use menu item Project - New project... or click Create new hclips.com project to download all channel videos button to open the Create New Project window where you can paste the URL.

Download video from hclips.com

Step 4. And, basically, this is it. You can click the Finish button to start the download process right away and watch all those video files being saved to your PC. Or just do something else while Extreme Picture Finder is working in the background.

hclips.com downloader

Download video search results

Hclips.com has the ability to show only videos that are related to your search term. They have a search bar at the top of every page where you can enter your keywords and receive a list (sometimes a huge one) of videos. And if you want to download and save all the videos from that search results list - use hclips.com - search results downloader.

After you install this template you can create projects with hclips.com search URLs, those that appear in the browser address bar after you click Search button.

hclips.com download video

You can copy that URL from the browser address bar using right-click menu, then get back to Extreme Picture Finder, open the Create New Project window using menu item Project - New project... or Create a project to download hclips.com search results button and paste the URL into the Starting addresses field. Then you can click Next > button to make sure the correct template is selected.

Select hclips download template

And then click Finish button to start downloading and saving videos from hclips.com search results. You do not have to worry about too many files in one folder - Extreme Picture Finder will create a sub-folder for every search results page automatically and give the files meaningful files names while saving.

Downloading hclips.com video search results

Download entire video category

That's right! You can download all videos from any selected hclips.com category! Of course, you'll need a huge amount of free space on your PC as well as a lot of time, but it's doable. The hclips.com - category videos downloader will help you with that. So, add it to the Extreme Picture Finder library by downloading it using the button below and clicking the downloaded file.

The list of categories is available in the top menu of every page on hclips.com. You can also see a list of related categories under every video. And you can right-click the category of your interest anywhere on this website and copy category link address to clipboard.

hclips.com download

Then, just like shown in previous sections, return to the Extreme Picture Finder and paste category address into the Create New Project window. Now you can either click Finish button to start downloading or click Next > button several times to select the folder where video files should be saved (called Destination folder in the program) and give your project the title you want, if you do not like the default one.

hclips.com video download folder

Just like with video search results download - files will be saved into sub-folders of the folder you select to prevent huge number of files in a single folder, which may slow down your Windows.

Download all videos uploaded by any member

Sometimes you find a cool video and you'd like to see more videos like this. The easiest way to get more videos of the same kind is visiting the home page of the member who uploaded that video. Doing so is pretty easy because uploader of every video is shown right under the video player on every video page.

Download hclips member videos

So open hclips.com member home page to make sure it has more videos and they are related to the one you liked and copy that page address to the clipboard.

You will need the hclips.com - member videos downloader to do the job, so download it using this button:

The rest is just like with any other URL - you paste it into Extreme Picture Finder, click Finish button and enjoy!

Download videos from hclips.com

Yes, of course you can download single video from any hclips.com video page. You can do it using any of the above templates. And your projects can have more than one video page URL. You can even add video page URLs to the project while video is being downloaded. Just use menu item Project - Project properties... or click Open hclips.com video project properties to open Project properties window, select Starting addresses section and paste your URLs into the text box making sure each address takes its own line.

hclips.com video downloader

Download hclips.com photo albums

Downloading all full-size photos from hclips.com photo albums is also very easy with Extreme Picture Finder. All you need is hclips.com - member photo albums downloader which can be downloaded here:

Now you can copy/paste the album address to the program and Extreme Picture Finder will do the rest - save all full-size photos from the album to your PC fully automatically! No need to click through every photo page under the constant pressure of pop-up, pop-under, in-page and all other kind of ads. Just pure photos.

And this is not all. You can create projects with more than one album URL like this:

hclips.com photo downloader

Just make sure every photo album address occupies one line, just like shown above. And do not worry - there will be no mess in the Destination folder - photos from different albums will be saved into separate sub-folders automatically.

But Extreme Picture Finder can take you even further! You can download all photo albums of any hclips.com user fully automatically! Just use the address which appears in the browser address bar after you click Albums link on the hclips.com user home page:

Download hclips.com member photo albums

And again, photos from different albums will be saved into separate sub-folders automatically and you will be able to view all of them in the built-in viewer:

Downloading photo albums from hclips.com

Getting help for hclips.com downloader

If you have any questions or problems with our hclips.com downloader - please feel free to contact our support team at support@exisoftware.com. We will be glad to help. We are also open for any suggestions about the program to make Extreme Picture Finder a better hclips.com downloader for all users.

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