How to download albums

Downloading full-size images from albums automatically can be tricky. The site is protected from batch image downloaders like Extreme Picture Finder, plus it uses JavaScript to generate link to the full-size image "on the fly", making it almost impossible for most software programs out there to batch download any album.

But it's not the case with Extreme Picture Finder - batch downloader. You need only 3 mouse clicks to make it work! Take a look or read the detailed instructions under the video:

Follow these simple instructions to download albums easily (even the password-protected ones, if you have the password). First of all - download and install the most recent version of downloader software using the button below.

Then download and install the project template using this button:

Simply open the downloaded file with Extreme Picture Finder to install the new template. You must see this window when the template installs.

Download and install album template

Now you are ready to download albums! So, create a new project using Project - New project... menu item or click the Create new project to bulk download all images button on main program window to open the Create New Project window and paste album URL into the Starting addresses field.

Create new project

You can click Next > button to make sure that - album template is selected, but it should be done automatically, so it's not necessary to do it.

Select album template

That's it. Now you can click the Finish button and start downloading full-size images.

Download albums

One important thing: you must use no more than 3 simultaneous connections when downloading from this website. Otherwise the server will ban your IP address for several hours. You can set the number of simultaneous connections using menu item Tools - Connections.

Download password-protected albums

If you want to download a password-protected album and you know the album password - then open the album in your default browser, enter the album password and use the URL which appears right after you enter the password to create a new project in Extreme Picture Finder. So, paste the album URL which contains an encoded password into the Create New Project window and check the Manual login box, just like shown on the below screenshot.

Download password-protected album

You can now click Finish button. Extreme Picture Finder will open a built-in browser window with your album starting URL. If you see the album images in it - just click the Continue download button. If not, then re-enter the password and click the Continue download button.

There are some common passwords used on this website and usually the common password is mentioned in the album title:

  • EZ  in the album title, like this: "my album (ez)", means the album password is 12345
  • EZE  is for 123454321
  • EZZE  is for 1234554321
  • ZE  is for 54321
  • ZEZ  is for 543212345

Download all albums from selected author

You can batch download all albums from any author on website with Extreme Picture Finder. The process is just the same as downloading individual album, you just have to use the - all user albums template and the starting address pointing the "albums" page. Images from different albums will be saved into separate folders automatically.

Getting help

If you'll have problems downloading images from any album or all albums from selected author - please write us at with the album URL and we will try to help. Also, please check out the Extreme Picture Finder forum where we answered hundreds of questions already.

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