Download full imgur album

Do you need to download all images from any imgur album automatically? By just pasting the album URL somewhere and getting the images saved on your hard disk? If your answer is "yes", then you came to the right place! Introducing Extreme Picture Finder - the perfect batch image downloader software for Windows. It can save all images automatically from almost any website, including Let me show you how to do it.

Well, obviously you will have to download and install the software first. The process is quite simple - click the button below to download the installation package, run it and follow simple steps to get the software installed. Clicking the Next > button several times will do it.

OK, once the software is installed, you can run it by just leaving the Launch Extreme Picture Finder box checked at the last step of the installation process.

Download imgur album

Downloading images from almost any website is pretty straight-forward with Extreme Picture Finder. You click the New album download project button to open the New Project Wizard window, paste your website URL and watch images as they are saved to your hard disk (yes, there is a built-in image viewer in the program and you can view the saved images right away).

But some websites are tricky and require advanced settings in the Extreme Picture Finder to make it work and download images. But here comes the best part - we have created special templates with all the advanced settings already in place for such websites, and is not an exception. Thus, you just have to download this template, add it to the local template library in the program and you're ready to go!

And it's even easier done than said! Click the button below to download the template.

Let your browser open the saved file with Extreme Picture Finder or double-click it yourself in the Windows Explorer.

Download and install imgur album template

This will add the template to your local Extreme Picture Finder template database.

Download and install imgur album template

And from now on, all you have to do to download all images from any album is create a new project in Extreme Picture Finder using the New album download project button or Project - New Project... menu item, paste your album URL into the New Project Wizard window and click Finish button.

Create new project to download imgur album

Still need help with imgur album download

We are ready to help you with any part of the album download process. You can contact us directly via email at or use this contact form if you prefer. Also you can browse through Extreme Picture Finder forum to find a lot of questions answered.

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