Extreme Picture Finder version history

  • Built-in picture viewer was fixed. All thumbnails are shown now even if there are 1000+ images in the folder
  • CSS files are parsed now to extract all image links
  • Several small bugs were fixed
  • HTTPS support
  • Number of saved target files displayed next to the project title
  • HTML page parsing algorithm improved
  • Users can hide any unwanted category in the online project database explorer
  • Extreme Picture Finder was integrated with Extreme Thumbnail Generator to let users create beautiful online image galleries using downloaded pictures with just a couple of mouse clicks.
  • We added a new feature that allows to specify whether to send 'Referer' with every HTTP request or not (turning it off helps for some password-protected sites).
  • Built-in Google image search was fixed.
  • We improved HTML page parsing in this version. Now more links are extracted from the page even if the page has errors in the HTML code.
  • The default Internet browser is now opened correctly
  • Fixed the problem with unwanted video files downloading while downloading images from Regular or TGP site.
  • Fixed the problem with Ask.com image search.
  • The Alt key fix for Windows Vista. It doesn't hide the buttons anymore.
  • Several small bugs fixed including the one with updates check.
  • Users can now save the default settings for all projects and searches
  • The trial limit of downloaded files increased to 200000
  • Added the possibility to name the saved files using the title of the page where the files were found plus the original file extension.
  • Fixed Google.com and Ask.com image searches.
  • Improvement to the download process for some password-protected websites that do not require manual login.
  • Minor tweaks.
  • Integration with Extreme URL Generator. Now you can generate a list of URLs in Extreme URL Generator and start downloading the entire list in Extreme Picture Finder with a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Added possibility to save all target files with a custom extension.
  • Added automatic check for updates.
  • Improved manual login for website with HTML forms, like forums.
  • A lot of problems with site downloading fixed.
  • Manual login to websites with HTML forms
  • Starting addresses list import / export
  • Added a possibility to request to add a new category to the Online Projects Database
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes
  • Improved Web Picture Search. Added two more search modes allowing users to find and download full-size and related images without downloading the thumbnails
  • Another improvement of TGP support
  • Improved Online Project Database Explorer. Now users can download multiple projects automatically and track which projects were downloaded earlier
  • Improved TGP support
  • Faster page parsing algorithm
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Added the built-in Online Project Database Explorer
  • Thumbnail viewer re-implemented
  • Fixed several major bugs
Latest version: 3.63.2
File size: 83.2 MB
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