Extreme Picture Finder version history

  • Option allowing to accept or ignore cookies
  • Page processing speed optimization
  • Imgur.com search fixed
  • Fixed a bug in Custom Parsers
  • Imgur.com search engine now supported
  • Animated GIF support in the image preview and in the image viewer
  • Fixed a bug with "delete" function in the built-in image viewer
  • Bing.com search fixed
  • Fixed a bug that caused endless URL loops in some searches
  • Custom number of digits in the [ Save - Conflicts ] rename option
  • Program start-up time increased (when a project with big number of folders is selected)
  • Fixed a small issue in the download module
  • OpenClipart.org search engine download fixed
  • Fixed a bug in custom file naming. Now using "Parent page title for file name" actually works
  • New search engine supported now: OpenClipart.com
  • New section in the download project properties: [Sub-folders] with options for different ways of creating sub-folders inside the main Destination folder
  • New section in the download project properties: [Excluded page parts] which allows to skip certain parts of the web pages making it possible to speed-up the overall website processing time and skip unwanted downloads
  • [Custom parsers] updated. Now users can generate several URLs from a single Regular Expression match using loops
  • [New Project Wizard] now accepts as many [Starting addresses (URLs)] as required, not only one
  • Google.com search fixed
  • Search results limit per search engine increased to 3000
  • Ask.com search fixed
  • Minor interface improvements
  • Unlimited number of search phrases in one search project
  • Configurable limit of search results downloaded from every search engine for each search phrase
  • URL Filters in searches
  • Option to save results of every search phrase in the project in a separate folder
  • TGP processing is improved - more sites and more gallery types can be processed now
  • Yandex.com added to the list of supported search engines in the built-in web picture search
  • Added a new feature allowing to search for the file by name in the list of downloaded files. Useful for big projects and searches.
  • Another update to the Flickr.com search
  • Download module was updated to handle more websites effectively
  • Default project and search settings are saved correctly now
  • Flick.com search fixed
  • Improved cookie support to handle manual login to password-protected websites (like forums and social networks)
  • Multi-byte character support in the built-in picture search
  • Flickr.com search fixed
  • Built-in Google.com search fixed
  • Another page parsing algorithm improvement allowing to process more JavaScript-driven websites.
  • Huge performance upgrade. All projects are downloading much faster now, especially those which save 10,000 files and more.
  • Users can add custom Regular Expressions to the built-in page parser to improve the parsing process and increase the number of saved target files.
  • Export file list function upgraded: file creation date and file creation date/time columns are now available. Plus, the number of columns in the resulting file is not limited to 3 now.
  • Save function upgraded: projects with 1000s of starting addresses are saved in less than a second. And the download process on such projects is working much faster.
  • Several bugs fixed
  • Built-in Bing.com search fixed.
  • Built-in Flickr.com search fixed.
Latest version: 3.65.16
File size: 91 MB
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