Extreme Picture Finder version history

  • New search engine supported now: OpenClipart.com
  • New section in the download project properties: [Sub-folders] with options for different ways of creating sub-folders inside the main Destination folder
  • New section in the download project properties: [Excluded page parts] which allows to skip certain parts of the web pages making it possible to speed-up the overall website processing time and skip unwanted downloads
  • [Custom parsers] updated. Now users can generate several URLs from a single Regular Expression match using loops
  • [New Project Wizard] now accepts as many [Starting addresses (URLs)] as required, not only one
  • Google.com search fixed
  • Search results limit per search engine increased to 3000
  • Ask.com search fixed
  • Minor interface improvements
  • Unlimited number of search phrases in one search project
  • Configurable limit of search results downloaded from every search engine for each search phrase
  • URL Filters in searches
  • Option to save results of every search phrase in the project in a separate folder
  • TGP processing is improved - more sites and more gallery types can be processed now
  • Yandex.com added to the list of supported search engines in the built-in web picture search
  • Added a new feature allowing to search for the file by name in the list of downloaded files. Useful for big projects and searches.
  • Another update to the Flickr.com search
  • Download module was updated to handle more websites effectively
  • Default project and search settings are saved correctly now
  • Flick.com search fixed
  • Improved cookie support to handle manual login to password-protected websites (like forums and social networks)
  • Multi-byte character support in the built-in picture search
  • Flickr.com search fixed
  • Built-in Google.com search fixed
  • Another page parsing algorithm improvement allowing to process more JavaScript-driven websites.
  • Huge performance upgrade. All projects are downloading much faster now, especially those which save 10,000 files and more.
  • Users can add custom Regular Expressions to the built-in page parser to improve the parsing process and increase the number of saved target files.
  • Export file list function upgraded: file creation date and file creation date/time columns are now available. Plus, the number of columns in the resulting file is not limited to 3 now.
  • Save function upgraded: projects with 1000s of starting addresses are saved in less than a second. And the download process on such projects is working much faster.
  • Several bugs fixed
  • Built-in Bing.com search fixed.
  • Built-in Flickr.com search fixed.
  • Improved support for password-protected websites. User name and password are not sent as a part of URL any more. Now the HTTP headers are used to send basic authentication information.
  • Built-in image viewer improved. Now it works much faster and doesn't consume a lot of memory.
  • Default search mode now is "Full-size images".
  • Only images that are approximately of the same size as the full-size image are now saved as "Related images" in the built-in search. No more website graphics, avatars and other unrelated pictures in search results. Plus duplicated related images are not saved for different full-size images.
  • "Related images" are now shown as thumbnails under the bigger image preview.
  • More information in the "Monitor" window - new statuses for every download to give better idea of what does the program with any URL right now
  • New way to work with the list of starting addresses in the Download Project Properties window - the way you work with normal text (including copy/paste). Plus [Import...], [Export...] and [Generate...] button under the list for easier access.
  • Built-in Ask.com search fixed.
  • Built-in Google.com search fixed
  • Files that are not images are not saved now if project has image size limits (in pixels)
  • HTML page parsing algorithm improved. Now Extreme Picture Finder can download from SkyDrive.com too.
  • Several small bugs fixed fixed
  • Problem with HTTPS addresses fixed
  • Program error which appeared after the download was stopped fixed
  • Minor issues fixed
  • Significant improvement in the way Extreme Picture Finder handles the manual login to the websites through HTML forms: the program can successfully log into much more websites. Plus there is no need to login for every starting address in the project. Extreme Picture Finder detects if you're already logged in automatically.
  • Flickr.com search fixed
  • New option in the download project properties allowing to set a random delay between downloads to prevent bans on websites that detect automatic downloaders.
  • Progress indicator for big files is fixed
  • New "After completion" option: automatically export file list once the project (or search) is finished
  • Searches now have all the same "After completion" options as projects, meaning you can automatically start one search after another, export file list and so on
  • New option for download projects: re-download any target file by a simple right-click. Useful for partially downloaded images.
  • flickr.com search fixed
Latest version: 3.65.8
File size: 86.6 MB
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