Extreme Picture Finder version history

  • Built-in Google.com search fixed
  • Files that are not images are not saved now if project has image size limits (in pixels)
  • HTML page parsing algorithm improved. Now Extreme Picture Finder can download from SkyDrive.com too.
  • Several small bugs fixed fixed
  • Problem with HTTPS addresses fixed
  • Program error which appeared after the download was stopped fixed
  • Minor issues fixed
  • Significant improvement in the way Extreme Picture Finder handles the manual login to the websites through HTML forms: the program can successfully log into much more websites. Plus there is no need to login for every starting address in the project. Extreme Picture Finder detects if you're already logged in automatically.
  • Flickr.com search fixed
  • New option in the download project properties allowing to set a random delay between downloads to prevent bans on websites that detect automatic downloaders.
  • Progress indicator for big files is fixed
  • New "After completion" option: automatically export file list once the project (or search) is finished
  • Searches now have all the same "After completion" options as projects, meaning you can automatically start one search after another, export file list and so on
  • New option for download projects: re-download any target file by a simple right-click. Useful for partially downloaded images.
  • flickr.com search fixed
  • New option to save results from different search engines into different folders (created inside the Destination folder)
  • New File naming and Conflicts options for the search projects
  • Bing.com search fixed
  • Ask.com search updated (the URL of the source page is now working fine)
  • Flick.com search was updated to make it work with the new website design.
  • Some minor fixes
  • Command line parameters support was added making it possible to use Extreme Picture Finder with Windows Task Scheduler in order to start/update any project or search automatically on regular basis.
  • Another page parsing algorithm improvement which may help with some JavaScript-driven websites.
  • Added new option for saved file names: use full original URL for file name
  • Added new sub-option when using query string for naming saved files: use value of selected parameter as folder name. Also the value of the parameter which is used for file name is treated as path (can include folder names).
  • Page parsing algorithm improved.
  • Download project properties updated. In [ Save -> Naming ] section it's possible now to set the number of parent page which is used to create file name for saved files.
  • Flickr.com search updated.
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Export file list feature upgraded. A possibility to add a header row with the names of the columns was added.
  • Built-in web picture search was improved. Now the software saves the biggest photo available from flickr.com
  • "Export file list" feature was added. It allows to export the list of all downloaded files and pages using customizable file format. Works for both web picture search and website download projects.
  • "Update" functionality was improved. It works better now for the projects that use "Manual login to websites with HTML forms" option.
  • Better support for download from image hosting services like imagefap
  • Google.com search was fixed
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Page parsing algorithm was improved to allow downloading pictures from WikiPedia.
  • Advanced HTTP response headers processing was added to retrieve real file names when there is no direct link to the file and it is saved via PHP or other server script.
  • PicSearch.com was removed from the list of supported engines in the web picture search.
  • New search engine in the built-in image search - Flickr.com
  • "Safe search" support to exclude/include adult pictures from search results.
  • PicSearch.com and Ask.com search engine support fixed.
  • Minor fixes and tweaks
  • Added the possibility to save files without extension using target file mask that ends with a . (dot). For example: *. - saves any file without extension.
Latest version: 3.57.1
File size: 68 MB
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