- all galleries from a folder in user profile

Batch download images from all galleries in a sub-folder of any user profile. The URLs that work with this template can be found when you open the imagefap user profile, click Galleries and then click any folder name in the left-side list to see the galleries from that folder. This is it - now you can copy the URL from your browser's address field and use it to create projects with this template.

Works with URLs like:

Target files:
*.jp*, *.gif, *.png, *.bmp

adult, imagefap, image hosting, pictures


EPF version required:
3.40 or higher

Template version:

How to use:
1. Download and install the most recent version of Extreme Picture Finder.
2. Download this template using the above button.
3. Double-click the downloaded file to open it with Extreme Picture Finder.
4. Create new project in Extreme Picture Finder, paste your starting URL, select this template and start downloading files.

Click here for the detailed tutorial

This is a list of actual projects created by Extreme Picture Finder users with this template. All projects are ready-to-use, so you can download and install them right into the program and start downloading files immediately even without the template.

#Title# of saved filesDownload - usergallery [userid-723373] 1035 - organizer-131209 - fishnets 2874 - organizer-412233 - Busty-Girls 3023 - organizer-259365 - Hillary 115 - usergallery [userid-723373] 296 - usergallery [userid-723373] 2908 - usergallery [userid-1622534] 1842 - usergallery [userid-1622534] 1834 - usergallery [userid-1772781] 2865 - usergallery [userid-2193789] 3563 - organizer-381703 - Teens-Latina 2462 - 19.10.20 - gallery gifs 11477 - usergallery [userid-1622534] 2383 - usergallery [userid-1250969] 3092 - organizer-11919 - Parkingsex-Public-Sex 4918 - usergallery [userid-1622534] 1626 - usergallery [userid-1250969] 1953 - organizer-243920 - Lingerie-and-other-sex... 6353 - organizer-317557 - What-we-want-to-become 397 - usergallery [userid-1822176] 127
Latest version: 3.44.1
File size: 5.2 MB
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