vk.com - download photo album template

Download full-size photos from vk.com albums automatically with this template for Extreme Picture Finder. It is better to use direct album addresses with this template because best-resolution photos from different albums are saved into separate sub-folders named using album title automatically. If you use the address of "All photos" page - all photos will be saved into one folder, without any sub-folders.

There is a way to export list of direct album addresses from the "All photos" page in Extreme Picture Finder. First of all - you have to use the most recent version of the program. It is very important. After you click Start button - the built-in browser window will open and show your "User photo albums" page. Here you have to click "Show all XXX albums" button and scroll the page download to actually load all albums in the browser. After that select [ Address list ] tab and enter


In the [ Filter ] field at the bottom of the tab. This should leave only album addresses in the list and now you can click [ Select all ] button to select all album addresses and then [ Export selected addresses ] button to save all album addresses into a text file.

Then you can create new project and import all album addresses from that file using [ Import ] button in the [ Create New Project ] window.

Target files:

EPF version required:
3.54.2 or newer

Template version:

vk.com, pictures

How to use:
1. Download and install the most recent version of Extreme Picture Finder.
2. Download this template using the above button.
3. Double-click the downloaded file to open it with Extreme Picture Finder.
4. Create new project in Extreme Picture Finder, paste your starting URL, select this template and start downloading files.

Click here for the detailed tutorial

Latest version: 3.64.4
File size: 85.5 MB
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