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Welcome to the Extreme Picture Finder online templates library. Extreme Picture Finder uses templates to create projects with optimal settings which allow fast and efficient downloads from various websites.

You can type or paste URLs into the field below to search this library for templates that work with websites that you want to download from or simply browse through the existing templates page by page. Here are the detailed instructions explaining how to install and use the templates.

#Template titleTarget filesDownload
101 gayboystube.com photo downloader
Tags: pictures, adult
*.jp*, *.gif, *.pn*, *.webp
102 free4kwallpapers.com - category template
Tags: desktop wallpapers, pictures
103 fetlife.com - member pictures and videos template
Tags: video, pictures, adult
*u1000.jp*, *u1000.pn*, *u1000.gif, *u500.jp*, *u500.pn*, *u500.gif, *.mp4
104 www.porncomix.info - comix template
Tags: adult, comics, hentai, porncomix.info
*.jp*, *.png, *.gif
105 www.pussyspot.net - model template
Tags: pictures, adult
106 4chan.org - board template
Tags: 4chan, pictures
*.png, *.gif, *.webm, *.jp*
107 redgifs.com - category and search template
Tags: redgifs.com, video, pictures, adult
*.mp4, *-large.jp*
108 500px.com author photos downloader
Tags: pictures, 500px.com, photo
109 elitebabes.com downloader
Tags: pictures, adult
*.jp*, *.mp4
110 pornbb.org downloader
Tags: pictures, adult
*.pn*, *.gif, *.webp, *.jp*
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