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Welcome to the Extreme Picture Finder online templates library. Templates contain ready-to-use settings that allow the most fast and efficient downloads from various websites. Type or paste the actual website or page address you want to download from into the field below to search this library for templates. Important: this search works only for URLs, not for keywords. You can also simply browse through the existing templates page by page. And here are the detailed instructions explaining how to install and use the templates.

#Template titleTarget filesDownload
71 pictoa.com downloader
Tags: pictoa.com, pictures, adult
*.jp*, *.pn*, *.gif, *.webp
72 rule34.paheal.net downloader
Tags: anime, hentai, comics, pictures, adult
*.jp*, *.png, *.gif, *.webm, *.mp4
73 xvideos.com - search template
Tags: adult, video, xvideos.com
74 yupoo.com downloader
Tags: photo, yupoo.com, pictures
*.jp*, *.png, *.mp4
75 simpcity.su downloader
Tags: video, pictures, adult, forums
*.jp*, *.pn*, *.gif, *.webp, *.mp4, *.ts, *.webm, *.mpg, *.mov, *.zip, *.rar, *.pdf, *.m4v, *.mkv
76 www.google.com - custom image search template
Tags: google.com, search engines, pictures
*.jp*, *.pn*, *.gif, *.svg, *.bmp
77 wallpapervortex.com downloader
Tags: desktop wallpapers
78 xnxx.com video search results and tag downloader
Tags: adult, video, xnxx.com
79 4chan.org downloader
Tags: pictures, 4chan, forums
*.gif, *.webp, *.mp4, *.webm, *.pn*, *.jp*
80 nhentai.net - gallery downloader
Tags: hentai, doujinshi, manga, pictures
*.jp*, *.png, *.gif
Latest version: 3.65.16
File size: 91 MB